Wednesday, March 12, 2014



Fingrs nail wrap

I feel like I haven't had a post in a while. I've been back on my healthy lifestyle kick and I've been really trying to focus on that. Planning meals is not really hard work but making the effort to eat what you've planned is where it gets tricky! Anywho on to this spring Mani! (Posted on my nail blog... check it out )

Wednesday, March 5, 2014




Sunday I went to the mall to return some empties to MAC. I really didn't buy much as I pretty much have everything I need and my freelance business really doesn't pick up till Bridal season. But I wanted to stop in LUSH as I've heard so much about the Lemony Cuticle cream.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bridal makeup | Consultation


Monday I had the pleasure of working with this sweet bride to be! She was such a doll and seemed as though she waited on Mr. Right! She had such a great personality and brought her Mom along as well who was just as sweet.

She had some pics to show me that she had pinned to Pintrest. I have a lot of brides who seem to pin their inspiration looks there. The look she showed me on Pintrest had mainly gold on the lid. She also showed me different lip looks she wanted. She didn't want a bold lip but some pink. I will insert a pic of the first look we did with the gold.

After seeing the gold it wasn't quite what she thought it would be and I had showed her several different golds to choose from, including some from all of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. She wanted to add some mauve/pink to the gold. I showed her Buzz from the Naked 3 palette and she said that was it! We added it to the outer V, half of the lid and to deepen it some I added Bitten by Makeup Geek and she loved it! She also loved the lip choice. I used Cocomo lip liner by Milani and MAC's Please Me lipstick. It was the perfect pink nude pout! I like to pick lip colors for my brides I can purchase to add to their touch up kits if need be or a lip choice that isn't hard to duplicate or find if they ever wanted to continue to wear the lippie after their wedding.


Her Before
The Gold look
The final look
A Happy Bride to Be!!

Here are a list of products I used(per my notes):


Highlight eye rice paper/saddle

Embark crease

Gold mac lid

Down brown transition


Buzz naked 3

Bitten makeup geek...outer v

Coccomo lips

Please me MAC lipstick

213 lashes

Smolder eye liner

Waterproof mascara

Highlight nc50&nc45 set with Carmelo powder by Ben Nye

Improper copper cream base as a highlight

I think the end result says BRIDE!! Lol. Needless to say...Guess what?!.....She booked me on the spot to be her MUA for her wedding!! I will add she was referred by a previous bride from 2013. My last Bride in fact! I look forward to working with her on her special day! I almost forgot...she is also booking me to do her and her Moms hair and possibly a bridesmaid as well! Woohoo!
If you all haven't guessed yet, I love doing brides! I love behind the scenes work but I really enjoy working with Brides! I'm looking forward to bridal season!!


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