Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Inspiration for today!

Ok so today it's snowing once again!! I can't believe all this snow we are getting. But being that I'm stuck in the house I chose to get creative.. So I made me an inspiration Board/Collage to go in my new make up /studio room. The room is still not painted, decorated or done. But for now I'm storing some of my make up there and it's still a closet room! I'm trying to decide whether or not to let it be both! But with slim funds I'm thinking that it just may be both! But anywho so I made an inspiration collage to go in it hoping it would give me the incentive to start the painting of the room. I have so many ideas that I want to incorporate in the room but I've been snowed in for almost a week and can't get to work to make any money to even make half the process come to life. But oh well in due time and I'm glad that I dont have the money because being I'm a compulsive buyer/shopper I may go and get anything so in the meantime I'm researching tables and desk's and things of that sort to add to the room. Plus I know I'm not working with alot of space nor money so it gives me a chance to browse before buying. Ofcourse browsing online. With my inspiration collage it let me see that anything can be done on a budget and I sort of cheered up being that the snow had me down!!

As I was doing my collage I just thought of all the places that I want my business to go and how to get there and the steps I need to take to get there. Whewwwwwww!!! Can you say so many!! But like I said before I know it will come! I try and keep my faith and my spirits up and just press forward and onward. For money sake I've done my own promo/comp cards. But wouldnt you know I ran out of ink!! So when work picks back up I have to get more ink to finish the job!! Now to find a amateur Photographer to team up with to get my portfolio going!! My hubby takes great pics but our schedules are not always in sync plus I really need something more professional. But he is the next best thing! He takes wonderful pics! Im trying to convince him to go to photography school or take a course so he can make it into a business and we can work together! Yanno keep it all in the family and all the money in the house! Lol

So until nextime!!.......I'll Holla!!

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