Thursday, April 1, 2010

Black Opal Review

Today I'm doing a review on the Black Opal creme foundation sticks. These foundatiton sticks go on very smooth and appear to be creamy. If you are looking once again for a full coverage foundation these foundation sticks would be Perfect! I particularly like to add more than one foundation stick being that my color is hard to match up because of different shades and undertones that I have. I also countour, highlight and Sculpt with these foundations as well. They leave your face looking flawless and very smooth! At one point this foundation was an everyday foundation for me. I still use others but when I want a really made up and flawless look and would like to hide some imperfections as far as redness or hide my freckles and moles this is the one right here. I actually got the chance to use these sticks on a model for a photoshoot and the pics came out very nice. No shine or oily look. I also used two of the loose powders to set and also to sculpt and contour with. Once again if you are looking for a full coverage foundation Black Opal foundation sticks should definitely be in your beauty bag or in your make up Kit!

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