Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 Habits That Are Costing You Wedding Business Clients

10 Habits That Are Costing You Wedding Business Clients (click link)

Hey everyone! I'm back! I've been researching on how to build a better bridal business and came across this article I thought would be perfect for my readers. Before I decided to use my make up skills as a business I did mainly Brides! Well looking back on it which it's been some years ago. I now know some things that I did wrong in the Bridal business. In 2011 it's so much more to just doing make up for a wedding. 1. What are you offering your Brides? 2. Do you consultate with your bride prior to the date? 3. Are you offering any type of discount to the bride for a certain amount in her party? 4. What are some of your marketing ideas for reaching brides? 5. Do you follow up with the bride after a consultation just to make sure you all are still on the same page? There are so many things to consider when trying to please a bride to be! I've just listed a small amount of things to take into consideration. But much more to be explored. I will try every week to do a column on Bridal business. I find that bridal business is a booming business for MUA's when handled correctly. Any comments? Leave below! XOXO

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