Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Networking!!! Please share your blog link or website HERE!!

I was on Sherry Blossoms blog the other the other day and she was asking her followers to share their blog.  I thought it was such a great networking idea!  I'm ever so grateful to her for that.  I've since gained new followers(*waves*) that may have not seen my blog had she not put that out there. 

I know I don't have alot of followers but since gaining a few new ones I'd love for you all to do the same here.  Also if you like share the same networking sensation on your blog!!  For now....tootles!!  Thanks again to all of you who do follow me.  I will try and keep my  blogging consistent.  I enjoy sharing with you all and feel free to comment at any time! 


  1. Alright! first one!


    I'm a makeup artist in South Florida, so my blog goes behind the scenes of photo shoots, weddings, etc. Along with makeup tips & tricks, and advice about becoming a makeup artist.

  2. YAY! Let's share the wealth and support each other!!!


    Freelance MUA, beauty blogger and beauty vlogger living in NYC...Covering eclusive makeup/beauty/blogging/natural hair events as press, product reviews, behind the scenes at my gigs, ways I use to make money as a freelance mua, exclusive makeup tips and tricks and loads of interaction....its like a networking party that never ends! Come on by!!!

  3. Thanks!! Here is the link to my blog.


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