Thursday, February 2, 2012

Iman foundation Stick

I couldn't wait to get home to blog about this foundation!  Yeah, yeah, yeah I know ....You've already tried it!!  So have I but I don't know what I did different today that I loved it!

A few years ago I tried it and thought it was ok.  Yep just ok!  A few months ago as I was de-cluttering I ran across a few that I bought and decided to depot them.  Once again I took a swipe of one an was thinking I still thought that it was just ok.  Well today I decided to give them another try as I was in a rush an it was the first thing that caught my eye and decided to use it.  

What did I do different that I hadn't done before?  Well as usual I took a swipe, then I started to manipulate the product with my hand  onto my face and began to smooth it out.  As I was smoothing it out with my hand I could  feel the creaminess of the product!  It felt great!!  I then took a damp sponge and made sure that it was on evenly and did this by gently patting/spackling my face.  The results looked amazing and just like skin and not too cakey!  

I've heard of artist using these foundation sticks in their kits.  I never thought that I'd want to add it to my kit.  But I think I may have to add just a few!

Have you tried the Iman foundation sticks?  Do you use them regularly?  I'd love to hear your comments!     


  1. I love Iman and have her blushes and lip liners in my kit but I want to try more from her line

  2. I heard a lot of good things about these but haven't tried them yet. I'm going to have to give them a shot.

  3. @Jessica I have a blush and a few of her shadows and the lip liners as well. I like pretty much most of her line. I haven't tried the cleanser.

    @Mz.More You've got to try them!


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