Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Inspired nails

So I've traded one addiction for another! Go figure! Being my money has been super tight I have been doing my own manicures and nails at home.

Like most women I like being pampered. I love to just sit in the pedicure chair and let the massage feature in the chair just go to work! I like the idea of having my hands pampered as well.

It's been a little over two years since I stopped wearing acrylic nails. Once I started to take my makeup business seriously the thought of long acrylic nails became a no no! Also I had started to wear them shorter and shorter. I didn't want to poke a client in the eye or better yet encrue any bacteria under my nails!

My nails had always been soft and thin....hence the use of acrylics. So I strived to get my nails stronger and naturally long on their own. Well at the mid summer I got frustrated with my nail polish not lasting and my nails still continuing to be soft and break I went and had acrylics added again....knowing it would be hard for me to afford getting them done on a regular bases.

Surprisingly after my first fill in I began to want my natural nails back! I no longer liked the look of acrylic nails! So I plucked them all off! Yes....I know...I was dead wrong! But I wanted them off immediately! I went and had a manicure but I couldn't afford that as often as I needed. So I started the process all over and my nails started to become stronger faster this time and my polish started to stay longer.

So to not drag this on out I began polishing my nails more often again and using nail envy "the original" and my nails have grown and become stronger! But prior to nail envy I began to drink more water and this really helped!

So I've been looking at nail blogs, pics,fb pages and you tube for design inspirations and new colors. So after a few videos and pics this is what I've come up with for Fall inspired nails!

Will I ever go to a professional manicurist again? Indeed!! I miss the pampering! But in the mean time this is what I will do to keep my hands looking half way decent!


Are you a nail polish lover? If so please share some of your favorite nail colors or even blogs!


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