Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ScandalousBeauty and WarrenBeautiful's Networking Event!

Ladies and Gents this event was awesome!! It was my first networking event and experience! To be honest at first I was a little lost at what to do or what to say, whom to approach, whom to talk to or just basically how to go about the whole experience. I introduced myself to Warren and to Erin who basically sort of showed me the ropes! These two are a powerhouse! I see big things in their future!

Needless to say once I got the hang of things it was a great experience! I approached some models which by the way wasn't hard to detect! I exchanged cards with so many people. Also I wish I could remember the lovely young ladies who approached me and also took my hand and allowed me to follow them around and also introduced themselves and introduced me to others. I really hope that nothing but great things come from this experience!!

If you've never been to a networking event is a great tool to your business! You are able to meet others in your field. You get the opportunity to show off your work through your business cards. Definitely bring plenty of cards! Some people said they ran out of cards which I find hard to believe. I'm just saying! I dont think they had any to begin with. I had business cards and business post cards. My business postcards I made myself and it was evident!! Lol I only gave out one and found it on the bar!! How dare him!! Lol but it was all good because I saw him later carrying someone else's post card which was more professional looing and bigger!! So I think it's time I get some professional ones made!!! Lol but all in all a great experience and I'd do again!! By the way Sam Fine came to the event but guess what!!?? I had left!! I was so upset when I found this out!! So one of the many lessons I learned is to stay put until it's over! You never know who or what may happen or show up!!! I'm so excited for Warren and Erin! I really am!!

I hope and pray this will not be their last event!! I'm sure they have much more in store for us MUA's, Hairstylist and Photographers and Model's!! Have a great and blessed day friends!

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