Thursday, March 11, 2010

What I'm doing and what I'm researching!

Ok so I've been lacking on my blog posts and my You Tube videos but I do have a reason!! Lol I've been working on a small film project and I'm the MUA!! Wow! I really enjoy it and the director and actor's are very pleased with my work! They even want me to come back and maybe incorporate some body art! Im excited. When I say come back Im referring to the point where the job is to end on Sunday but I may need to comeback in April! I love what I'm doing and I dont know too many people that can say they love their jobs! I love both and all of my jobs! Lol. I was considering taking some extra Make up classes but for one I really can't afford them right now, two as the days go buy and the more work I get and more experience I get I'm learning that who's to say that a class will be the right thing to do. It will show me the way that that company or MUA does things which doesnt neccesarily make it the right way. Make up is a form of art! I look at art as an expression of oneself. Yes you can make a mistake but that same mistake may turn to be a hot trend! Who is to say. Also someone else's way of doing something is just what it is "their way"! I love to learn and even if it means failing or not doing it "the correct way" or "your way" along the way! Some of the best MUA's are self taught. I went to school for cosmetology and have a license for not only cosmetology but.....Make up, Nails and barbering. Also in cosmetology we touched some on massage. So what I'm thinking is why pay more when I've paid already. Now dont get me wrong I will take some classes to better myself and keep up with the latest trends. I still do that as far as hair is concerned too. But to be told that I would be so much better if I took class A, B and C I'd be able to do it like a professional or my work will look like Sam fine, Pat Mccarthy(sp) or Billy B(these are just examples). That I can't comprehend! It's a money Trap which I really can't afford to dip into! Never let anyone set your limitations on your dreams and aspirations. Do it your way til you find a better way or another way that works for you.

My clients that I have worked on has been very pleased! I have never had a client say you need to brush up on your skills. I personally want to but for now I'm working with what I have. Ofcourse I learn new things everyday. My MUA skills have come a long way and I'm sure they will continue! But keep in mind the old saying...."Practice makes perfect!"

Also there are too many how to video's on the internet and you tube alone to pay someone. Google anything these days and they come right up on your internet. But like I said I do plan on taking some more advance classes but within time and within my budget!!


  1. I forgot to add that I'm researching getting a new airbrush machine but ofcourse bargain shopping and brand shopping and which will work best for what I may need it for. I've been doing this for several weeks now. My how I've grown! Lol I've not done any impulse buying!! Lol

  2. New follower. I look forward to your posts.

  3. Awww Thank You! Welcome to my blog!


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