Monday, March 15, 2010

So my film gig is over for now atleast and I'm back to making videos, researching and blogging. Im trying to get better at this blogging thing but hey everything takes time!! I saw on Scandalous Beauty's blog that she wanted to try the Graftobian creme pallette out and I used this pallette this week on my film gig and it was great!! I love it!! I even ordered extra of the foundations.

Today is a lazy day for me today!! But for some reason my mind is going a thousand miles a minute on nothing but beauty, and make up! Lol!!! So I'm doing everything in my power to just keep still and relax today and enjoy my day!! But MAC is calling my name, the nail salon is calling my name and everything else in between.

I received a request on you tube to do a video on my hair collection. So today I will be working on that video and since I'm home today and no work I will be making a few other videos.

Also I'm so excited about all the upcoming events related to beauty and make up. I just can't wait. I know my hubby doesnt read my blog(I dont even know if he knows I have one) but anywho he has been so supportive. Just wanted to shout him out!!!

Enjoy your day!

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