Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cover Girl Queen Collection

Ok so I had the pleasure of reviewing the Queen Collection by Cover Girl. I will say I was reluctant at first because my local CVS pharmacy did not have an array of colors and I personally thought that the colors looked nothing close to my complexion. So one day I'm cruising through You Tube and ran across someone's channel and they just swiped above their eyebrow with the Cover Girl Queen foundation. I instantly noticed how smooth and creamy it appeared. The Youtuber also used a bit of the bronzer. BRONZER!? Did she just say BRONZER! So now at this point I must go get this and test it out for myself. I searched and looked what would be a good match for my complexion. I know that I have salmon undertones which are some oranges in my skin so I found what I thought would be an excellent match. Sure enough I got it nailed! My complexion number is Q510. It went on very smoothly and a creamy consistency. If I had to compare this foundation so far right now I would compare it to MAC's Studio Tech. Its creamy and can be buildable as needed. If you are looking for a full coverage foundation as I stated it could be buildable and add as much as needed but remember not too much! It goes on flawless and gives a nice glow to the skin. I used my sigma F80 brush to apply but this can easily be applied with a sponge(which is included in the case) or you could use your fingers to warm this product up to spread evenly and thin out as needed. Another great suggestion if you find that this is too creamy or too much coverage try adding a bit of fix plus to a sponge or brush and thin out as much as needed. As far as the bronzer goes it was great as well. If your not really into blush it could be used as a sunkissed appearance to your cheek area where you would normally put on blush. If your of somewhat of a lighter complexion you could also use it to contour or sculpt. Being that I thought the bronzer was great I went to another CVS and they had more of a range of colors and I found that that particular CVS carried more colors than the CVS closest to my house. So I got a darker bronzer and I use it for contouring on myself. Are you in need of a MAC replacement? Are you on a budget? Have never tried foundation and would like to give it a try but need something reasonable? Well I would definitely suggest The Cover Girl Queen Collection! Give it a try and let me know how you like it! xoxoxo YoShida


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