Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hey everyone! I know once again I've gone MIA! Lol so sorry as usual. But today I've decided to do more blogging. For those of you who follow me on You Tube know that I'm starting a segment on Beginners Basics! In this segment of video's I will be helping, teaching and showing beginners the basics of make up. In this blog and video segment I've listed some basic items that can be purchased from the drugstore or Beauty supply store to get you started. I hope that these items are helpful. The items I've listed should be fairly reasonable in price. When purchasing drug store foundation you need to first figure out if you are looking for full coverage, light, medium or semi full coverage foundation. I personally prefer semi to full coverage. If you are unsure about your shade maybe purchase 2 to your liking or what you think comes closer to your shade or complexion. Alot of times you can go on websites for the drug store brand and they will have comparisons to expensive brands. So please check online first just in case your unsure. For the eyeshadows I would suggest starting with Loreal Hip's eye paints, duo eyeshadows and cream eyeliner. I think that the price is reasonable and with the duo eyeshadows you have more than one eyeshadow to begin with. With the cream eyeliner you can use as a shadow base(for smokey eyes) and as well as a liner for both your top lid and your waterline. With the eye paints these too can be used as eye base's and primer or just as a shadow. The paints are very similar if not just as good as MAC's eye paints so give them a try. If you have little to none make up brushes start with elf brushes( or pick up some from your target or beauty supply store. Start off with synthetic first and once you get the hang of things you may want to start purchasing real animal hair brushes. Master the basics and cheaper brands before investing in good quality brushes that you may mis-use and later have to throw away first. If you are not a blush person or really don't know how to use blush but like it on others I have a "How to apply blush" video on you tube so check it out! I hope this video and blog will be of some help for you all. Stay tuned there are more blogs and video's coming in the Basics segment.

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