Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Make Up Artist Kit/Traincase storage

Hi everyone I'm back and today I wanted to show you all my new make up artist traincase. I found this duffle bag on wheels from ebay. I can't remember the sellers name but if you'd like it I will check my ebay for you and post it.
If you follow me on twitter you know that I've been trying to down size my traincase. Well this is not quite a down size but it's some what smaller than the mini suitcase I've been carrying to gigs. It has two side pockets and a pocket on the inside as well. It also is on wheels which I love being that I'm OCD when it comes to carrying more than what I need to shoots and gigs.
I pretty much was able to transfer everything from the mini suitcase to this duffle bag so I'm assuming its about the same in size and depth. Also if you know me you know that I'm in love with animal print. I don't neccesarily wear the clothes but shoes and bags and wallets are definitely my thing! So when I saw the pink and black zebra I thought it was great and would work for my make up. I have tons of other kits that I could use but I've out grown them which I'm sure there will be a point in time where I will out grow this one as well. But for now it shall do the trick!
I'm still working on downsizing my traincase. Today I went to Michaels and bought some containers to help me do this. As a freelance Mua Michaels is a great place to get storage items for your traincase along with stores such as Walmart and Target. So for the meantime this is my traincase and until I grow tired of this one it's a keeper!

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