Thursday, February 17, 2011

Makeup Artist Reads and Must Have Books!!

Insert of Bobbi Brown's Make Up Manual

Hey you all I'm back today with my Favorite Makeup Reads! I've been reading these 5 books for almost a year now. The Hair, Makeup & Styling Career Guide by Crystal Wright is the last book that I purchased which was in maybe October of last year and I'm almost finished. (Please visit: I normally can read a book depending on the book in a day or two or a week tops but when it comes to my make up books I've found that I need to go back and re-read a section or basically study a technique or get a better understanding of what I'm reading. Therefore it takes me a bit longer to read.
Actually I've finished Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual. It was the first into my collection. When I decided to start my business I googled Makeup Artist technical books/handbooks and this is what came up and I purchased it off of Amazon. ( I also purchased Kevin Aucoin's books from Amazon as well. I still am looking to purchase Sam Fines "Fine Beauty" from there but I figured I needed to study these some more first before my next purchase. Plus I have Sam Fines Dvd "Fine the Basics of Beauty".

All of these books are very informative and go into great detail and explanation of contours of the face, colors, undertones and so much more! I really don't have a favorite out of these 5 books actually all of them are my favorite. But I will say that if you are an aspiring makeup artist and you are wondering how to take your skill to the next level and get your name out there and network and get your foot in somebody's door, Crystal Wrights book is the absolute best for this!! Hands down! My second recommendation if you just can't seem to understand how to get that seamless contour and highlighting to work for you or your client, Scott Barnes book delivers that and so much more! I love Scott Barnes book for the simple reason it's in color and shows great detail and has step by step bullet marks and guides. It's definitely any aspiring makeup artist's must have.
Here is some of the detail that is done inside of Scott Barnes Book! Amazing transformations.

Here below is some pics from Kevin Aucoin's book which also goes into great detail but half is in color and mostly illustrated step by step. But you get the picture and is very detailed and informative.

Once again all of these books are very informative and helpful when trying to master the art of makeup artistry. It's just not necessarily limited to a makeup artist but a makeup lover as well who just wants to look good and wear her makeup well! I hope you guys enjoyed today's post. I'm dedicating myself to posting more often. If you'd like to add a few of your favorite make up reads please by all means comment below. Thanks for reading!


  1. Love this post! So nice to have connected with you via Twitter.

    You should share this blog post daily in #MakeupChat so that more of us catch the education, training, artistry bug.

    I treasure every one of those books & you help to drive home the point of learning being the thing that we can NEVER stop doing as MUAs.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks so much Jennifer! Such a pleasure to have you stop by! Yes I definitely believe in education. It is key in this business. Thanks for the follow as well!


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