Tuesday, February 22, 2011


When servicing a makeup client are your hands clean?  Have you sanitized them?  Or do you just jump into applying makeup on someone and touching their face?  If so Houston We Have A Problem!!! 

Ok maybe I'm a germophobic and maybe not.  But sanitation is a must amongst makeup artist!  I take sanitation very, very, very serious!  I'm semi OCD with it especially when it comes to my hands and my makeup.  Our hands carry so much bacteria from handling money to scratching our scalps and so much more.  If you are a makeup artist and even if you are not you should sanitize your hands before applying any makeup to yourself or either a client.  Why is this important you may ask? Ummm let's just start with germs and then we will lead into bacteria!  Two words everyone should be familar with! 

  • Germs are passed from person to person and are considered to be airborne
  • Germs can be passed from hand shaking (you do use your hands to apply make up)
  • Germs can be spread by sharing utensils so on and so forth 
Now let's get into that nasty word Bacteria:
  • Bacteria can get in your makeup once you have encountered germs
  • Bacteria can also be viral
  • Bacteria also can spread like a raging forest fire
  • Bacteria can get through the blood system and body through your cuticles and any open wound
Here I've just named a few common known facts about bacteria and germs.  There is plenty more but I just wanted to re-itterate the most common that should be known to most.  But if you are unaware now you are officially informed.

Prior to any makeup application I sanitize my hands either with alcohol or a hand sanitizer.  Either will do.  I also sanitize my makeup palette that I use to mix foundations or any creamy substance that may come in contact with my brushes, sponges or my clients face.
Its is aso important to sanitize your makeup palette's, lipstick palettes, brushes, utensils such as spatulas and even your brush belt and makeup bag or for pro artist your makeup kit bag or set bag.
For sanitizing these items such as my palettes which hold my blushes, eyeshadows, cream blushes, bronzers, lipstick palettes and cream shadows such as paint pots I use Beauty So Clean sanitizing mist.  But you don't have to  run out and purchase this to keep germs and bacteria at bay you can use alcohol in a small travel size spray bottle it will do just the same.  The important thing is that you SANITIZE! 

I can't tell you how many models I've worked on or encountered who may have had a small breakout or a cold sore and being the germaphobic that I am......I'm going to do one or two things afterwards.  I'm going to either throw the product away or utensil or either I'm going to sanitize it like nobody's business.  I may even double sanitize.  My biggest thing with sanitztion besides germs and bacteria is I'm concerned about my client.  I don't want them to have a reaction to anything that may have come in contact with germs.  

Im sure I've left out some other things that need to be sanitized on a regular basis but the key here is to be mindful of the germs and bacteria and how they can affect you or your client.  But not just you and your client but your business if you are a professional makeup artist.  I hope that this has been helpful!

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