Monday, May 23, 2011

BH cosmetics palette and swatches 3rd addition

I normally don't do alot of swatching. But today I was watching a you tube video and I believe it was Nikkietutorials did a look using this palette. I had forgotten all about my 120 palette! So I started to mix and match colors and realized that I had been swatching and without any primer the colors were so pigmented.

I'm a fan of greens, oranges and ofcourse purples. So when I swatched some of these colors they were just too good to be true! I'm saying all of this like I had never used the darn palette! Lol but I only got it when I started out to add to my kit and had barely used any of the other colors because alot of the colors I had in some MAC shades. I also have the second addition. I was in love with the second addition but I do believe the third addition is definitely a favorite of mine now as well.

Below are some pics of the colors I swatched:

Blues, greens and some purples

Purples and some pinks

Oranges, yellows and golds

I highly suggest this palette for any new MUA or even a veteran. Presently because I'm such a fanatic of eyeshadows this one is my personal palette. It sits on my makeup table. Apparently I had it out of view. As they say out of sight out of mind! I have now moved into my view so I will not forget about it. What are some of your favorite palettes? Reasonably priced and high priced. Please share! XOXO

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