Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meeting Makeup by RenRen

Hey all!  Didn't I say I had enough pics and video and just so much to blog about!  Ha!  I have no certain order of how I'm posting blogs.  I'm going through pics and vids and realize I have the pick of the crop!  I can post any thing I want!  Lol.

Anywho I had the pleasure of meeting RenRen a.k.a Makeup by RenRen! Let me tell you ladies and some gents this is the most humble and pleasant young lady/guru that you will want to meet!  Just the way you see her on You Tube thats the exact same way she is in person!  Honestly!  True Story!

So she had already put out a video on you tube stating that she would be hosting  a class and wouldn't want the audience to be empty.  She said to come out and support her.  Being I'm a big fan of hers I had already set it in my mind that if I was the only one there I'd be there!  Day one my objective was to meet her, go to Inglot and whatever else came after that would just be the luck of the draw.  Lol  I walked over to her and introduced myself  and she smiled as she does on camera and gave me a hug.  How sweet!  I asked if I could take her pic or a pic with her and she said sure!  She was working on her model and I told her I could wait I didn't wan't to interrupt her but her and the model assured me it was ok and they would get back to the look once we took pics.  When I say this young lady is absolutely a sweetheart I mean it! 

If you are not a subscriber of hers on you tube or never even heard of her please check her out.  Just google Makeup By Ren Ren and every avenue to reach her is there!  So who is your favorite Guru or Makeup Artist? 

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