Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Makeup Show NYC!

Hey everyone!  Whew!  What a weekend!  I attended "The Makeup Show NYC!"  Omg what an experience!  First let me say that it was well put together, very organized and all in all very educational.

This was my very first time attending the show and I must say I was inspired so much!  There is lots to see, plenty of vendors and loads and loads of education!  Just the weekend alone left me with enough inspiration and pics to blog FOREVER!!  Lol but seriously I will say this....the bloggers were there in full force and giving blow by blow updates via twitter!  How wonderful!!  I was in such awe that I would tweet a little about what I was seeing but now know that as a blogger, Mua and a Social Networker how important it was!

Mua's and future Mua's I can not express how important it is to attend not only The Makeup Show but any Makeup Show such as IMATS!  I will say this....it is ever so important to invest not only in yourself but your business and your brand!  Yes it can be expensive but there was loads of free seminars and forums.  Products were discounted....not alot but enough to get the experience!   I bought pretty much what I needed which was mainly for my kit plus just a few extras.

Here is a pic of what I bought on day 1 of the show: 

Just to name a few of the items I bought and the purpose of them for my kit:

(2) Z palettes: It can hold more eyeshadows and blushes or anything magnetic opposed to MAC's 15 or 6 pan palettes.

Liptars: Liptars are very pigmented.  I tried to get colors that could be mixed and matched and also liptars can replace lipsticks when on a shoot depending on the look your going for or how you choose to mix them.

Parian Spirit: I had heard so much great things about this brush cleaner!! I had to get it plus there was a deal!!  $25 for a large bottle(I dont have the oz in front of me right now), small bottle(refill and kit size) and 4 wipes!  Couldnt beat it with a stick!

Crown Brushes:  Why not?!  Lol the brushes ran in price from $2-$9!  Well atleast the ones I bought! You can never have too many brushes!

Beauty Blenders: OMG!  What a steal!  $60 for 6 beauty blenders along with the cleanser!  Basically $10 a sponge with a free cleanser!  Beauty blenders run anywhere from $15-$25 a piece!  Depending on where you purchase.  

Inglot e/s:  Ok this wasn't a neccesity but I had ordered some offline and hadnt had a chance to test them before I bought them and loved them and wanted to add some matte shades to my collection. Bargain: 5 for $23 and 2 for $12!

Coverfx cream foundations: It was the top on my list to get!!  OMG the deal: $125 for 12 foundations, loose setting powder, primer, brush and blotting powder.  They said this was a $300 purchase....Ummm No it was atleast worth $500!  Can you say steal!!!

Stackable small containers: Must haves for your your kit for creams, lipsticks, pigments or foundations! Your choice!  Lol

I truly enjoyed myself  this weekend and I have sooooo much more coming for you guys!  I will be posting different video's , forum pics and vids and sooo much from this weekend.   I have enough info for months.  Hmmm may be a start to something new!!  XOXO 


  1. Awesome post! YES this show was amazing! At the moment I can't remember if we had a chance to meet or not! I how we did but my brain is still at system OVERLOAD!!

  2. Hey Sherry! I think we were in each other's company but never got a chance to meet. I think I didnt know who you were till after the fact! But there will be a next time and we will see each other again! Sliding over to your blog in a few. Can't wait to read it!

  3. Suki!!!!!! Great post mama! I've finally fully recovered and at work. Thanks for a great weekend honey...can't wait til next time!

  4. You are gonna love that Parian Spirit brush cleaner it's the best! Following back ;-)

  5. @Fran Me too!! Lol Yes I truly enjoyed you gals this weekend can't wait for all of us to get together again!

    @Tiffany lol I just realized I could send invites and sent you one. So scratch that! Lol I can't wait to try it! I think I'm going to try it out tonight. Thanks for the follow!


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