Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Favorite MAC eye shadows

I thought today I’d do a blog on some of my favorite MAC eye shadows. Mac eye shadows were some of the first eye shadows that made their way into my kit. Only because of my discount I receive and I had a few personal one’s that I loved!

These eye shadows come in various forms of texture’s and of course colors. Some of my favorite textures are matte formulas. I guess I just really love the consistency it brings forth once creating that smoky eye, that 20’s look, 50’s and 60’s look. With these eye shadows you get really great quality. Below I will post pic’s of just a few of my favorites. I tried to keep my favorites to a minimum but it was hard to do!

Ahhh Aquadisiac!! One of the few shades I first bought! I laugh today at the fact that the sales lady said “Add some water to your brush and it goes on really well!” Wow I thought….hmm the water activates it!! Hence the name “Aqua”! But I love to pair this shade up with either expresso or embark. A little really goes a long way!


What can I say about carbon! Absolutely a must have color! This is my go to matte black in my kit! Excellent for smoky eyes!! With this matte black you can’t go wrong!!


Coppering was a color I saw on one of the sales rep’s for MAC. She appeared to be my complexion and she had it on just right! This is such a velvety color and rich in texture! Once again a must have!


Can I just say that I love Embark! Embark is such a great shade for WOC for their eyebrows. I also love to use embark in my crease as a crease color for some definition to my hooded lids. Better yet just use embark on the mobile lid, blend out well with just a tad bit of carbon in your outer V and Viola! You have a nice neutral look!


Once again a very nice shade for WOC. Just like Embark this makes for a great eyebrow color or crease color!

Rice Paper

Rice Paper is the absolute best highlight for right up under the brow! You can also use it in the corners of the tear duct for just a slight reflection of light to add to any day or night look!


Vex to me is one of those colors many sleep on. Hey just my opinion. So velvety in texture! It’s richness is pure heaven! I like to pair Vex up with either a matte brown or either carbon or print e/s. It’s a great compliment to a smoky eye or a matte purple as well.

These are just a few of my favorite eye shadows by MAC. There's more but these are some of my main go to eye shadows when in a hurry for a quick everyday look. What are some of your favorite MAC eye shadows?

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