Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smokey Green eyes

Hi everyone! Yes I'm finally back! I've been in the process of moving and ofcourse working as usual. I've made some videos and had to dig through boxes to find my usb cord to my camera. But anywho....I decided to stray away from my purple. Instead I went with another one of my favorite colors which is green. I also added a little bit of blue just to bring a little umph to the eye look. I hope you all enjoy. Also I'm still learning my editing software but I think I did pretty good this time. I'm still settling in at our new house and I haven't got my studio set up quite like I'd like it yet so I will be changing some things in the background and scouting some models to use for future videos. I just start recording sometimes when I'm doing my makeup and use those videos for you tube. Once again thanks for your patience!

Products Used:
Eyes: Eye base Makeup forever Green
Sephora e/s
Wet n Wild vanity palette
Cover girl Blue liner
Mac e/s (will fill in later) Ooops sorry its not in front of me
Foundation: Ruby Kisses 3D foundation
Lips: Nk lip liner(dollar store/beauty supply)
Pet Me Please (MAC from the feline collection)

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