Monday, June 20, 2011


This post is long overdo!! I took a little break from blogging because for one I'm no writer. I actually love blogging and reading blogs. I may mis-spell some words from time to time but I'm eager to get my words out and onto my blog. But at any rate I will continue on blogging and do know that I may not always spell check but I will do better with that. Anywho let the sale begin!!

The items listed I tried to catergorize by price. I will ship items but it would have to be more than 3 items that I'm shipping. Also depending on the price of the items that have to be shipped there may be more of a shipping charge but I will do what I can to keep the shipping prices low. If you are in the DC/MD/VA area you can pick the items up. I also have some items for sale/giveaway that are not shown so if you come and pick your items up I will throw in something extra. This also may be the case with items shipped.

Pressed Powders/MAC $15 a piece(not sure of the numbers but they are MAC) Blush Palette $5!

MAC Eyeshadow/Blush Palette's $5(each)!! Inglot palette 2 available 1 brand new in box $2(each)

Elf cream eyeshadow, Elf bronzer, NYC bronzer,RCMA No color loose powder and pink tone loose powder, Cornsilk loose powder, eyebrow sealer and elf illuminator. $1(each)!!!! Take them all for $6!

Inglot palettes I mentioned above $2 each!

Ulta eyeshadows, Sally girl bronzer, NYX bronze blush, ELF blush and Ruby kisses lipgloss! Everything is $1 each!! Take them all for $5!!

Everything is $1 each!!

Some Beauty from the Earth pigments and some Heavenly Naturals pigments in the mix. Everything is $1!!!

MAC pigment "Madly Personal". I bought the same pigment 3 times!! I guess I like it! Lol $10!! Still in the box! Never used and never opened or swatched!!

Graftobian pressed powder not sure of the color or number $5!!

Blush and Neutral eyeshadow palette and concealer palette from ebay! Used. $5 for both or $3 each!!

EYELASHES!! $1 each or take them all for $5!!

Makeup Forever Eyelashes!! Still in box never worn or used!! I also have a green pair somewhere! Sorry but these were expensive!! $10!

MAC foundations! $10 each. I believe the colors are NC20, NC25, NC40 and NW55. (The last two I'm pretty sure about!)

Some Cinema Secrets I depotted. $5!!

The next items I'm listing I will take Best offer! I'm pooped!!

Bed Head Palette opened! Used maybe once or twice!

The NARS "Silent Night" It's brand new. I bought it by mistake and when I got home it was cracked. Too lazy to take it back to the sephora. I guess it can be repressed.

This concludes the items that are for sale. I hope that you see something you like. If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment. You may also send me an email at . Thanks!!


  1. Hi... I was interested in the MAC Products listed in the second to last photo (the ones with the Nars silent night).. what colors are those and are those 2 blushes I see? :-) I'm collecting MAC blushes right now.

  2. The one on the far right is "Love Joy" and the one beside it to the left is a blush too not sure of the name but can be used more for a highlight.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Those so far are still available. Ypou can send pay pal payment to In the comment section please leave your address, name and the items you'd like and they will be shipped same day if not next business day. Thanks!

  5. I would like a MAC eyeshadow palette and the filled blush palette for $5.

    I see you have MAC mineralized blushes. What are the names for those? I'm offering $7 each.

    Thanks. Email:

  6. I'm interested in one mac eyeshadow palette if it's still available. Let me know =] [this is my pp too]

  7. I'm not at home but I do know that the one mineralize blush is "love Joy". When I get home this evening I will check the name of the other one. Also ladies these items are available on a first come first serve basis. Until an item(s) have been paid for they are available. To send your payment via pay pal please send payment to Also in the comment section leave your email , address and the items you'd like along with your name. Thanks.

  8. how much is shipping cost to New York, NY for the empty MAC eyeshadow palette and filled MAC blush palette?
    -anita (

  9. The shipping cost to New York will be $2.

  10. Also ladies I will make sure that all items are cleaned and sanitized prior to shipping. As of now all items are still available. Thanks again.

  11. Thanks, so how much is the MAC mineralize blushes? I'm going to send payment once I know their prices ^_^ thanks!

  12. Hi anitat87. I just recieved your payment. The blush palette is not MAC but I will still add something extra to your order. The mineralize blushes are Best Offer. If you'd like to exchange one of the MAC blushes for the blush palette I can do that. Your items will be shipped tomorrow. Thanks for your order!

  13. Ladies the other blush beside "Love Joy" is called "Rhapsody In Two". It's the very light one.

  14. ohh okay.. Yes would you please exchange the blush palette for the MAC blushes (love joy). Thank you so much for your quick response.

  15. Ok not a problem. Your welcome!

  16. if you have the pro pan blush palette from mac and one pro eyeshadow palette too. I am really interested! please email me to

  17. do you still have the empty mac palette?


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