Monday, June 13, 2011

Drug Store Favorites!! Back Opal Foundation Sticks!

I'm sure many of you have heard of Black Opal foundation Sticks. These foundation sticks were some of my first foundations in my kit. I love, love, Love these sticks! They offer great full coverage. I have used these sticks on photo shoots to give the model great full coverage and they can also be thinned out with just a tad bit of fix plus on your sponge and stipple away any extra foundation on the skin you may not need or want.

When a photographer wants a model done in a snap and the model may have some areas that may need to be covered up and there is no time for concealer this is my go to foundation. These foundation sticks are a great staple for your kit or even your personal makeup bag. I highly recommend Back Opal foundation sticks to anyone who are just starting in makeup or just looking for great coverage.

~Great full coverage

~Reasonably Priced $9.99

~Can be found at any drug store, Wal-Mart or Target

~Easily depots or can fit in your kit or makeup bag

~A little goes a long way

~Not really great for Acne prone skin

~May tend to be too oily(Set with a loose powder to avoid this)

~No shades for caucasian skin tones

I hope this has been helpful. Have you tried these foundation sticks? If so how do you like them? What are some of your drug store favorite foundations?

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