Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Drug Store Favorites!! Revlon Lipstick!!!

This is my last entry of my drug store favorites. There are more but I realized that I could go on. Sometimes I will just go in the drug store and browse and try some things out and see how I like them. Especially when I'm on a budget but have that itch for some makeup but on a serious budget!!

I've done a post before on Revlon's lipsticks. I absolutely love these lipsticks!! The consistency is so creamy and smooth. They glide on with ease and the pigmentation is unbelievable!! As I stated in another post about Revlon's lipsticks is that they were some of the first lipsticks to make it into my kit. "Mauve it Over" is my favorite!! It is such a great nude and natural color for all skin types. It's usually the color I go to for my brides.


~Sold at drug stores(easy to find)

~Reasonably Priced(Always a sale going on)

~Great Coverage and pigmentation

~Lots of colors to choose from


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