Friday, June 3, 2011

NYX Doll eye mascara

Can I tell you guys that this is one of my favorite mascara's. I'm always on a quest to find the perfect mascara. I have ton's of them! I will try a new mascara atleast once a month. I had heard that this was a good mascara but I had to see for myself.

This mascara not only gives you length but it does not clump! It evenly spreads your lashes apart for that doll eye look. I guess the name speaks for itself! I also found it great for the bottom lashes. Sometimes it's hard to get those bottom lashes to extend but this doll eye mascara does the trick everytime! I also like the regular long lash mascarra by NYX but Doll eye is definitely top of my list!

Have you tried this mascara? If not what are some of your top mascara's?

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