Friday, July 8, 2011

Artist Series: Whats in my Kit and Kit organization

Sorry I'm so late posting today but I had to be at work earlier than normal this morning and had not previously set my blog to post automatically.

At any rate I've been wanting to share with you all about a kit assesment I had with a fellow MUA. Honestly I wish I had came across her before I started buying for my kit! A MUA by the name of Cynthia Jones helped me out! You can find her on Facebook. If you decide to use her please inbox her and tell her I sent you!

Basically in a nut shell I basically had to down size. I'm too embarrased to tell you all have the stuff I was carrying around. Not to mention I could afford to lose a few pounds but the stuff I was carrying around definitely wasn't helping and adding so much pressure to my back.

Re-evaluate the size of the things that you are carrying around. The Z palette has become my best buy so far. I can't begin to tell you how many MAC palettes I was carrying in my kit. I also down sized alot of my prep products and bought a smaller clear zipper bag to place all my prep products in.

After my kit assesment I now have room for my airbrush equipment, sponges, mini paper towels and so much more. I presently have the Zuca and I really didn't think that everything would fit. But it does! Prior to my kit breakdown session with Cynthia I had to carry an extra tote bag with a bunch of unnecessary items. Now all I carry is my Zuca!

Shown below are pictures of what all can fit in my kit. The only thing not pictured are my Z palettes/blush palettes. They fit comfortably on the side pocket of my Zuca(I forgot to take them out and add to the pic).

Roll Bags come in handy!! You can put alot in these. I purchased one of them from and the other one I had bought a year or so ago from the beauty supply store.

Foundations and concealers.

My prep bag. Everything is labeled and are in smaller containers.

What are some of your organizational tips for your kit? Let me know, I'd
love to hear about them.


  1. Great post..I don't have a Zuca yet but I will be reorganizing my kit first thing tomorrow!!!

  2. Simone It is a great investment!


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