Sunday, July 10, 2011

Liptar: TRICK

OCC's Liptar "Trick" has become my favorite go to liptar/lipstick. It was my very first purchase from OCC and has remained a staple amongst my lip products.

I chose this lip tar first because for myself I like neutral and nude lips. I added it to my kit but placed it in a smaller container as I mentioned in a previous blog. Even being in my kit and makeup bag I always grab this liptar first! So many artist ask me what's my favorite lip tar and Trick is always the first one to come out of my mouth.

To me it's universal meaning it fits almost every complexion from the lightest to the darkest. It's also my go to lip when doing Brides! Brides love it! Often times I will add a bit of dazzle glass by MAC to add a bit of Ummmph to it! It goes on perfectly.

There are other lip tars that I like but I absolutely love Trick! As much as I use it I have yet to run out. You only need a little and that small amount goes a long way! The color pay off is extremely pigmented and with such a creamy consistency. It also can be mixed with other lip tars to add more color. You can also pair it with a light to medium brown lip pencil . But looks stunning with Currant lip liner by MAC!

I'm sure you'd love Trick if you haven't already tried it!!

FTC disclosure: These are my own opinions of this product and Im not being paid to do this review.

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