Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bridal Beauty

I had the pleasure of making over a Bride last week at the National Harbor!  What a beautiful Bride she was!  She sent me some pics from the photographer and I wanted to share with everyone.

I couldn't wait to post them!  I posted some to twitter and I know some of my twitter friends was  wishing I wouldn't have posted so many but oh well!  Lol
It was just so exciting for me because the last few weddings I've done I've only done the bride and the photographers did not send me pics and neither did the Bride.  At any rate I wanted to share them with my followers.  The wedding was an after five wedding so hence the smokey eye.  Smokey eyes are not my favorite makeup to give to a bride but it has become such a trend amongst brides.  Being it was after five I found it to be fitting. 

I hope you all enjoy!!

                                          The Brides before and after the day of the wedding!


  1. Beautiful! I have the hardest time getting photos from brides too! Arg!

  2. Thank You! Yes it's such a job. That's why I just bring my camera just in case!


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