Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Artist Brushes

I often get asked what's my favorite brushes to use or why do I use paint brushes from Michaels.
  My favorite brushes are the paint brushes that painters and artist use to paint .  I really don't know how I stumbled across this idea.  I think I was in Michaels one day looking for a pastry dish or the lil dish with 6 wells to do some mixing with and looked up and there they were!!

The first one I noticed looked like a blush brush.  It had the same hair and fibers as a MAC blush brush.  Then I noticed a small synthetic brush that resembled a lipstick brush.  Then I noticed a section that said goat hair brushes!  Ooooo I needed that brush!!!  I remembered reading Scott Barnes book and he mentioned a goat hair brush to apply concealer.  I had to have it!  Before I knew it I had a whole new set of brushes.  I kept going back for a few weeks and looking at other brushes and haven't stopped since! 

A few weeks ago I had a bridal trial across town and somehow got turned around and low and behold there  was aa A.C.Moore starring at me!  Lol  I had to go in and see what they had that Michaels didn't have!
They had the Lang Nickel(not sure if this is the correct name, I'll double check later) brushes and I had to purchase them.  The color I hadn't seen and the fibers were oh so soft!!  The price was very reasonable and I practically got a steal once I got to the checkout line!!  The cashier was so sweet!  Lol 

Have you tried the artist brushes ?  If so how do you like them?


  1. that is such a good idea! i have never felt like shelling out a ton of money for an expensive brush, and i never felt like i was using them well, but getting a paint brush is an awesome idea! :)

  2. Enkore did a Youtube video on painting brushes and compared them to M.A.C. brushes. I haven't purchased any painting brushes yet but I do plan to.

    Here's the link to his video. He's one of my all-time fave gurus. :-)

  3. Yes. I love Enkore! I've seen the video. They are just like MAC brushes!


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