Sunday, June 3, 2012

Clinique Skin care

I've always been into taking care of my skin. Basically because I've always had pretty much sensitive skin and the simplest things would break me out from certain foods to certain products.

I have used many products over the years that I liked and that worked for me.  Due to some products price increases I had to move to some less expensive brands and even drug store brands.  I'm sure I've blogged about different products I've tried even those drug store brands.  Also pretty much always being on a budget I'm looking for a deal or something that's in my price range. 

Also getting older it's more important that I take care of my skin and have come to develop a skin care regimen.  I personally think that all women and even men should have a skin care regimen.  Since working at Macys part time in the cosmetic department I wanted to find out what all the hype was about Clinique's skin care.  Boyyy was I presently surprised.  Off the break I didn't get samples, I jumped right into the full size of my unique system.  I have oily to combination skin   so I use the #3 skin care 3 step.  At first I thought it may be too harsh for my skin.  But with in a few weeks I could see a difference.

I have alot of freckles and moles and sometimes I'd like to hide them and sometimes I don't.  I wanted a product that would allow my skin to breathe when I wasn't wearing makeup and make my skin glow with or without makeup!  Well the Clinique 3 step does it!  I don't mean to brag but when the customers come in they always compliment me on my skin.  I let them know that I do have on makeup.  They will say they can see that but they can also see that I take care of my skin.  Then they begin to ask what I use to take care of my skin.  I immediately lead them over to Clinique!  Even though I'm mainly in Estee Lauder.  Needless to say I sell alot of skin care!

There are also a few other items by Clinique and Estee Lauder that I use with the 3 step system but I will do a follow up post with those items!  I just wanted to rave about what I've been using. 

What's your skin care regimen?  What skincare products do you just love?  Have you tried Clinique products? 

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