Monday, June 4, 2012

Clinique's Take the Day Away

This bottle of creamy, milky and goodness is the best way I can describe this awesome product! It does just what it says....."Takes the day off/away"!

So per yesterdays post I said I would do a follow up post on the other great products I use in my skincare regimen. I wanted to start off with this product because some days I'm lazy and just want to take my makeup off without my 3 step.  I want to remove the makeup before I go to sleep at night but also want my skin to remain soft to the touch and know that it is clean and not clog my pores.

Some days as soon as I get in the house especially after working 12 hours plus I will come right in and go straight to this product and still follow up with my 3 step system by clinique. 

This product will remove all of your makeup, leave the skin clear and clean.  It is a milk like formula with some great creaminess.  Here is how I take my day off with this product:
 I take a couple of skirts in my hand , maybe 5-6 depending on what foundation I've used that day.  I then rub it all over my face and neck.  I rinse my hands and then I will take a soft kind of tissue and proceed to wipe away the makeup.  Depending on how heavy or the type of foundation I've used it may take me two tissue wipes or more. Sometimes 3-4 wipes of the tissue on my face.
If I'm going to just go like that I will wipe until all product has been removed.  If not I then follow up with my 3 step system and I'm all set for the night.  It even helps remove eye makeup.  I will say it doesn't remove waterproof liner or mascara. You should use an eyemake remover for that. 

I hope this post has been helpful.  If you haven't tried this product, give it a try and let me know how you like it. 

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