Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sephora Lipgloss set Review!

A few days ago I posted this pic to my Facebook showing how I played with this gloss set. I used two different lip liners to achieve different looks.

As I stated on Facebook I've had this gloss set for a while and decided to play with it. I had tested it once before and found the texture to be a tad bit thick. But being I heard good reviews about it decided to give it another try and play with different liners for different looks using it.

Saturday I worked the DC Couture Fashion Walk and tried it out. I used it on one of my kid models. She came back to me after having a bite to eat to touch up her gloss. Can I say she was cute as a button! She still had traces of glitter on her lips but the gloss was long gone!

Would I use this gloss set again? Yes! I would use it again on a photo shoot . Hopefully my model/models wouldn't have a bite to eat!


Durability: Not great

Re-Purchase: Probably not

Photogenic: So I've heard

Have you tried this gloss set? If so please leave your comments or feedback! I'd love to hear your reviews as I want to use this product again and hope to get some use from it.

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