Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My new brow routine!

I normally change my brow routine every few months or so. Here lately I've done this routine for a little longer than usual. But I like it and found it to be the perfect summer brow!

I first start by bleaching my brows:


Next using these few items I start to create my brow. I forgot to photograph my "Girl Boy" brow gel by MAC which is usually my last step. I use the MAC select cover up in nc35, michaels craft flat synthetic brush and my new love....maybeline pencil in medium brown.

Here is the finished look

Now I'm no brow Guru. But this is how I like to do my brows. I've tried to get away from the DC/ATL brow but it can be a hard habit to break when that's the way you've done it so long! But like I said I'm constantly changing my brow routine.



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