Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bridal consultation

Whenever I get a call about a bridal consultation I get excited and nervous all at the same time! I love doing brides! But at the same time I want to give them the best consult/trial they have ever gotten. Also I want them to love it!

I had a bridal trial on Sunday with a beautiful bride to be...Ms. Lauren! Such a pretty face and lovely woman to work with! Lauren wanted to look like herself and not a lot of thick foundation layered on her skin.


I used Graftobian hd foundation and sheered it out with my Embryolisse lait cream moisturizer. Lauren was also concerned about her dry skin and dry patches appearing after her foundation set for a few hours. She experienced this with another trial. I made sure to add extra moisture for her but also advised that she try exfoliation of her skin at least once a week till wedding day.

After looking at her pics I took with my cell phone I saw areas that I would like to have given more coverage to or concealed but at the same time given her the sheerness she requested.

She has another trial set up with the last makeup artist for an airbrush trial but really liked what I did for her. Fingers crossed that I will get to work with Lauren again!

Her eyeshadow was a bit tricky. The look she wanted which she had pinned on pintrest was a golden peachy kind of color when we applied it it gave off more peach which she didn't want. She has peach and orange undertones. She said that was something she didn't like about the last trial. So of course I had to change that! Realizing her undertone I just took a creamy white base and added it over top of the shadow she had and added YDK by Urban Decay naked 2 palette and deepened her crease with momogambo(sp) by NARs. I had already applied a medium red brown and light brown by MUFE as transition colors. She loved the new color and the deeper brown in her crease. Did I mention she is an after 5 bride! I love my after 5 brides!

For her lips she normally wears a raspberry color by clinique and happen to be out of it. I used a hot pink pencil by NYX and a reddish brown pencil by Revlon color stay and layered the 2 pencils on her lip and followed up by a Nars plum color lip gel/glaze. For her cheeks I used the MUFE flash palette and used the coral color. I then applied a little gingerly by MAC over top for more color pay off.


I set a goal for myself at the beginning of wedding season to do atleast 15 brides by the end of the year. I know not a large number but being my new bridal website is in the works and it takes time I felt I was comfortable with this number. Now next year is a different story! My number will definitely increase! I'm working on that magic number now!


So let's hope Ms. Lauren books Flawless Beauty by Satsuki bridal services!

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