Sunday, November 21, 2010

Look using Sugar Pill Cosmetics

Hi everyone! Today I'm reviewing and using the Sugarpill cosmetics quad. Hmm I don't know where to begin on this quad. I saw alot of You tube guru's use this quad and just gave such rave reviews on it that I felt I just had to try it! Well needless to say I'm dissapointed. I guess where the other guru's were calling it very pigmented I found it to be chalky. Now I will say this.....maybe it was chalky because I picked up alot on my brush. If you just tap your brush in one of the colors it immediately gravitates to your brush so I guess thats the pigmentation that everyone is speaking of. But to me as I was applying the yellow it just caked up and chalked up on the yellow Jumbo pencil by NYX. I found it very hard to blend. Because it is so "Pigmented" you have to sort of layer it.

Now like I said it could have been me. I know with some other brands I've tried I found I wasnt using it correctly. Or I didnt have the right brushes for the product or didnt know how to properly use the products. But nor here or there I guess I'm just spoiled with using products where it's blendable and there are no rules or certain ways to use the product. But I do suggest if you have this quad or are considering getting this quad that maybe not to use as much as I did. For me according to my pics it doesnt look as though I used alot but ....I DID! Lol . I'm only going to give my honset opinion on any product that I use. I have just always seemed to luck up on products that I purchase and love them. I have bought some things I didnt like it but never reviewed them and either donated them to someone else or just threw them away. But being that Sugarpill is such a popular brand I really wanted to try them out and I honestly really wanted to like them. Also I feel as though there should be more colors than what they have. To me every guru, up and coming cosmetic company or private label has a quad or some of the colors that surarpill has to offer. Now if they gave me some things to try out to review I'd definitely give them another try but as of now I don't think I'd be purchasing the line with my own hard earned money. But in all fairness to the line I will continue to try and use it and see if there is a specific way that I should use it. Also I may even watch some other guru's videos to see if there is anything different that they may have done that I didnt. But I did see a still picture of someone else using it and it looked chalky to me off the break! But hey I like to form my own opinion before assuming. Well I assumed right. So once again like I said I will try and attempt another look or so with it to see if there is something I did wrong.

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  1. Thanks for the review.... I've wanted to try sugarpill after seeing all of the reviews. I always thought it was a little over priced too....


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