Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bridal Consultation

Today I'm making  a post about a recent Bridal consultation that I had.  It was my first Bridal consultation of 2011.  I had touched on some bridal tips a few weeks ago and said that I would continue to do a series of Bridal tips as we head into the bridal season.  With that being said what better way to start the bridal season with a consultation. 

A consultation is so important when dealing with a a bride to be.  The consultation should be centered around what the bride's vision is for her makeup for her big day.  With the consultation you find out important things that you need to know such as :  Do she have any allergies, what foundation can't she wear, does she want airbrushing, does she need tatoos removed, where is the wedding located, how many bridesmaids will you be applying makeup for, colors of the wedding and of course the date and time of the wedding.

With my Bride to be she wore absolutely NO makeup.  I figured she'd like to look like herself but just a tad bit enhanced.  But here is were the consultation comes in and usually I find interesting once you ask the bride is there any particular eye color she'd like or anything specific.

Well my bride said her colors were a deep purple and yellow.  She picked a pretty purple and it was a plumish dark purple.  It shocked me being that she didnt wear makeup at all!  But I'm here to please the bride.  She picked the dark purple and when I swatched it for her she said it looked a lil dark.  But she had also picked a lighter purple with gold reflects to go with it.  I showed her a way to get the dark purple without it looking like a black eye!  Lol  she loved it.   I also put a lil bit of goldmine by mac in her tear duct area just to brighten her eye up and add that touch of yellow gold that she described in her color's of her wedding.

Here are a few pics of the Bride at our consultation

Items used:
Foundation: Mac Studio tech(NC40 & NC42)
Eyes: Rice paper e/s by Mac(highlight under brow arch)
         Agate e/s by Mac (outter V and crease)
         Trax e/s  by Mac (on lid and top of the agate e/s)
         Black liner on bottom and top lid(pencil liner)
         Mascarra: Falsies by Maybeline(waterproof )  
Contour & Highlight: Shadester, lightsweep, Ben nye bannana powder & emphasize
Blush: A mauve color out of my 28 bush palette
Lips:Milani lip liner pencil , Revlon Mauve creme lipstick and Oyster girl lip glass by Mac

I thought the look came out very nice considering she doesn't wear makeup at all.  I've looked at the pics several times to critique my work.  After looking at them I decided when the wedding day comes I will give her more  setting powder  and maybe warm her skin up just a tad bit more.  But all in all she was pleased!

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