Saturday, March 5, 2011

Skin Care!!

Hi everyone!  I had a few days off from blogging but oh how I do enjoy blogging now.  Hmmm go figure.  I've been wanting to touch on the subject of skin care something that is so important in the makeup field and community

It's a topic I feel is not discussed alot.  I really wanted to do more research and study my facts first before doing this blog but I've been well aware of skin care for many years now.  I learned alot while in cosmetology school and being that some of my class mates sold Mary Kay I really had no choice.  Lol.  I also wound up selling Mary Kay like 3 times!  Anywho I've always been interested in skin care being that growing up I didnt have the best of skin.  I have very sensitive skin and sometimes certain things may cause  me to breakout.  With that being said I do try and take good care of my skin.

Speaking of Mary Kay.  It is a great line for skin care.  It is one of my favorites as far as skin care and not due to the fact that I used to sell it.  Its due to the fact that it does work and leave your skin nice and radiant.  I've since over the years have tried different skin care lines but somehow always find myself still in love with Mark Kay! 

Lately I've been using the green gel cleanser by MAC and I do like it.  For one, using my pro discount its not too expensive for me.  I like the feeling it gives my face after I've used it.  It feels very clean and I feel as though I've removed all traces of makeup, oil  and dirt from my face. 

I've had a conversation wth a coworker and we have a few mua friends in common.  Two of which I would say are very successful in the makeup realm.  Well we are having a discussion one day and she said that one said that mostly new mua's wear a full face  where as mua's who have been doing it for a while are more into skin care.  I thought about what she said and realized most mua's who have been doing makeup for a while really do have nice skin.  Well for the most that I've seen , not all!   They may have on a tad bit of foundation but not to the point where you can tell.  Hey maybe they don't. But honestly  I've always  been into skin care.   I no longer have the bad skin and certain things that I eat that I know will break me out I try and stay away from as well.  Which leads to other issues of the skin which is our diets.  Things like sodas, fried foods, not enough water, chocolates and so much more could lead to skin issues. 

If I have a client who may suffer with acne or skin issues my first question is their water intake.  How much are they getting.  Are they drinking alot of sodas more so more than normal. Depending on the answer is where I will go with the next question and advice for treatment. 

When prepping a client for makeup I always start off with my makeup remover wipes.  I try and cleanse away any excess oil, makeup or dirt from the skin. This is key!  This should be done regardless if they said they washed their face prior to!  Depending on what they used to wash their face it may have left a film on the skin or didnt completely cleanse the face. 

Also depending on the client next I would go in with a toner.  Any brand is good.  I use one by Loreal right now but willing and shopping around for more.  I like to use the toner for clients with acne or a small breakout.  Acne usualy occurs when there is alot of oil to the skin.  The toner can take away the extra oil.

I then proceed with a moisturizer.  Also depending on the skin type I will determine which type of  moisturizer I would use.  Oil Free or a more moisturizing cream moisturizer.  I highly recommend cetaphil. 

The steps I listed above some consider a mini facial.  I consider it a must!  Good skin prep is very important for good makeup!  Plain and simpe! As a Mua I want to have flawless skin without makeup. Yes I have freckles and some moles but thats fine.  I want my skin to be flawless before my makeup is flawless!

If you have any recommendations for a great skin care line feel free to share.  I do hear that Clinique is good as well.  Thanks for stopping by! XOXO 

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