Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Drugstore Haul: Rite Aide

Today I went to Rite Aide just to do some browsing. Actually I went looking for the NYC loose powder. Well this is what I came out with. Lol . At the front of the store they had bins with reduced items.

I love these types of bins because you can always find something! As you can see from the pic they had the maybeline color stay lip stains on sale. $2.12! Can you say a steal! Regularly priced $8.99. The bounce bronzer was $1.90. I never saw this bronzer before. The 24 hour super stay was $2.74. I also picked up a maybeline eyeshadow . I heard someone on you tube mention this shadow and said she likes to contour with it. I would say it would make a great contour color for the beauties with deeper skin tones. Also I picked up what I originally went in for which was the NYC loose powder. I also saw a couple of people from you tube using this powder. After about the 5th person using it I decided to get it. I've seen it used from the lightest to the darkest complexions. It always appeared to be very silky and gave off such a nice glow!

Now I don't Know about you all but when I make a makeup purchase(especially if the product is sealed) I can't wait to get to my car to open my purchases and play with them! Lol I know, I know CRAZY! So when I got to my car and start to play with my new goodies I was impressed! I tried out the NYC loose powder.....LOVED IT! I also put on both the lip stain glosses...pic up next. The bounce bronzer is insane! I decided I'm going to put it in my kit for my dark brown ladies. The maybeline e/s is very pigmented! I took my finger and applied it as a contour and rubbed it in.....LOVE IT! I also applied a tad bit to the outer corners of my eye and it went on so smooth! I must say I was very pleased with everything! This rarely happens on my drugstore makeup trips.

The berry colored 16 hour lip stain after I had water out a bottle and a few scooby snacks! Lol

Here is another pic after I re-applied it. I really like this!

You can see some of where I contoured with the e/s along the nose and also the cheeks.  Also you really can't tell but I can see the glow from the loose powder I placed under my eye.

Check out your local Rite Aide! They may have some goodies just for you!

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