Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thrift Store find: Artist series/ kit organization


So I'm often browsing and cruising the aisle's of my local Thrift store. I've short named it the "T-Store"! Lol. Usually when I go in I have an agenda and sometimes I don't. A few weeks ago I ran upon this bag. As I looked at it I knew it was used for travel and toiletries.

Once I opened it up inside it was brand new and never used! I figured it would be great to have for times when I may have one model or client or even for my male grooming.

Here are more pics:


Yes! Only $3.90!



Front pocket


Side mesh pocket

Give your local "T-Store" a browse! You never know what you may can find for your kit! I'm always browsing the T-Store....maybe I will start a T-store series for artist! I will keep you posted on my finds!


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